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TA: The Beginning

TA: The Beginning.

  • A homegrown campaing.
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Dungeons & Dragons 5e
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 Welcome to TA, a Dungeons and Dragons homegrown campaign. Our adventure takes place on the world of Etera, dominated in the northern hemisphere by one massive continuous continent stemming from the northern pole to the equator. The southern hemisphere dominated in the east by small to mid-sized islands and the west by one continent between the equator and southern pole. The planet itself, at the equator is about 49,74 miles (80,060 km), but from pole-to-pole — the meridional circumference — Etera is 49,720 miles (80,016 km) around. Two celestial bodies orbit Etera, one an ice moon and the other a forested moon. The northern continent is divided between Elves, Dwarves and Goblinoids. The Islands ruled by Dragons and other foul creatures. The southwestern hemisphere continent is where human civilization sprung up, the descendants of slaves transported by some unknown force that were driven from the world by the Elves. After decades of unchecked freedom there civilization has flourished... until now...  

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