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Savage Reach

  • A homebrew campaign.
    DM Todd Started 2019 1 Sessions, 5 Hours of play
Dungeons & Dragons 5e
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 Vilmos  Ken
 Ubba  Austin
 Vesh Rex  Frank
 Ferret  Caleb
 Ivalti Darro  Jesse
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Information and Handout's

The last of the unclaimed lands between the human feudal lords and the goblinoid clans rests in an expanse of streams and rivers that run some 5,000 miles. The water flows from the western mountain domains of the ancient dwarven kingdoms to the ponds and lakes of the gilded elven empire of high mages. Small tribes of barbaric humans and goblinoid alike eke out an existence in this hostile and unforgiving land. Boarder skirmishes are frequent at low spots in the rivers that allow for easy crossing during summer and early fall. Melting snow and heavy fall rains keep the water level high enough that large forces find crossing impossible. Attempts at building settlements or bridges bring the retribution of human barons and goblinoid warlords alike.

What lies beyond the mountains is known only to the dwarves. The elven empire expands for thousands of miles to a beautiful coast of ivory sand and boarders both the human and goblinoid lands to the northern tundra and southern shores. What lies beyond the waters has faded from the memory of men. To the south men have carved out fiefdoms swearing feudal loyalty to each other to form baronies and banner houses. The baronies span to the southern isles known to be the last bastion of land before the world ends and the ocean pours into the heavens. The goblinoid tribes of the north claim the expanse from the reach to the frozen tundra where only the hardiest of foul creature exists.

 Savage Reach

Game Information

House Rules
  1. There is limited parking in my driveway. Space is available on the street in front of my house. First come first serve.
  2. No one in my house has allergies, if you are allergic to anything please plan accordingly. I have a cat and a dog, and we eat nut-based products.
  3. We are a smoke free home, I will ask that you step outside to smoke tobacco or vape.
  4. Smokeless tobacco is ok with me, but if you spill your spit cup, you clean it up.
  5. Alcoholic beverages are permitted for anyone of legal age. Please drink responsibly and plan accordingly. I will not be drinking but I am not the fun police either, do what makes you comfortable.
    • ∗ If I feel you are intoxicated I may ask you to uber home and retrieve your car the next morning. I don’t let friends drive drunk. Act grown!
  6. I am inviting you into my home, please be respectful to my family and my property. I will not tolerate anyone being disrespectful to my wife or daughters.
  7. Generally speaking, just be cool and prepared to have fun!
Game Rescourses
Character Creation

For this campaign, please create your character using the rules for character creation found in the players handbook only. Use the filable charactersheet below and send me a copy of your completed character. If you have any question feel free to reach out to me.

  1. Character Background
    • To flesh out the campaign I ask that each player write a backstory for your character. Your backstory at a minimum should references a location that the character is familiar with and at least two NPC's that they know or knew from that area. Make it as simple or complex as you like (background story’s may be worth xp or in game other character rewards). As the DM, I reserve the right to request you alter your characters backstory for any reason without explanation. That said you may build a background from any background; the possibilities are endless.
    • Please note I will limit treasure and powerful magic items at the start of play but may grant access to them as the campaign progresses. If you want to play the son of a powerful lord or the daughter of the ruling high mage of transmutation, feel free, just keep in mind resource may not be readily available to you at low levels.
  2. Ability Scores
    • You may use any method outlined in the players handbook to generate ability scores for your character. Please include the method you selected in your email when you send me a copy of your character.
    • When rolling for your ability score, please use the dice roller below. Take a screen shot of the notes and include it in your email with character sheet and back story.
  3. Alignment
    • Good aligned characters only please.
  4. Starting Funds
    • All characters may start with maximum starting funds. If you choose to role your funds, you do not need to send me the role. Additionally, you may be award funds and items based on your backstory.
  5. Magic
    • Please email before you write your backstory if you create a cleric, wizard or other spell caster. Some restrictions may apply.
Character Sheet
Character Sheet

Fillable character sheet that can be printed or emailed.

Player Resources
Pop-up d4 - d20 dice roller. 

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