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Magic the Gathering

Magic the Gathering has long been one of my favorite passtimes. Like many players I have taken breaks from the game. Now that I travel for work I take that oppurtunity to play in Local Gaming Shops and write reviews on the shop and the events.

Rating System

I list the LGS name, location, the date I visited, the event I participated in or if it was free play and then give an over all rating on a scale from 1-5. I use the following catigories when reviewing a LGS and event.

  • LGS Rating Break-down
  • Location: (easy to get to, easy to find, including parking, is there food within walking distance)
  • Staff: are they friendly and knowledgeable, including the owner
  • Bathroom: Would my wife use it or use it without complaint/ more than once?
  • Snacks: Dose the shop have them and how good is the selection? Would my 2-year-old be happy with the selection?
  • Singles: Good selection for every format
  • Product: well supported or only one format
  • Events: did it fire, good prize support
  • Meta: Net deck or homebrew or something in between. How competitive is it?
  • Locals: are they friendly or is it stranger danger, hate on the new guy.
Magic the Gathering

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