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Forgotten Realms

Forgotten Realms: 1339

  • Began: April 2015 Ended: March 2017 Sessions: 53 Hours of Play: 341
    -DM Todd
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2e
Character  Player 
Orson  Bill  
Betal Woodleaf  Carl 
Hope Stillwell  Julia 
The Grim  Keith 
Broknar  Noah 
Darsun Meadowbrook  Steve 
Serillian Lokiira  Tony 
Bowser  Nick 
Fallen Hero's
Character  Player 
Stonebreaker  Steve  
Rochendir Galanthor  Keith 
Burkhardt Heiengard  Kevin 
Jinaskybae Cupshigh  Leslie 
Retired Hero's
Character  Player 
Keryx  Keith 
Adoven Shieldheart  Robert 
Arallyn Ar'Asstellier "Hawthorne"  Glen 
Information and Handout's
Forgotten Realms 1339
 Forgotten Realms: 1339 is a tabletop sandbox style campaign set, you guessed it, in the year 1339 DR in the Forgotten Realms Campaign setting. You play characters that explore the world before the Elves begin their retreat to Evermet, before the Time of Troubles and before many other wondrous events that have played out through the recent history of Ed Greenwoods Forgotten Realms.  
Cormanthor Players Map 
Hope's Map-Sembia to Elventree 
Player's Handouts 
Thundedr Peaks Mountains Journal Entry 

Game Information

House Rules
House Rules

The house rules for the current campaign including character creation and optional rules that are being used.

Player's Journal’s

Link to player journals.

Character Creation
Character Creation

This is step 1-9 from the players hand book with examples, pictures and more hidden gems. Here you can create a very basic character, perfect for anyone who has not created an AD&D character in a long time or who has never made a character.

Character Sheet
Character Sheet

Fillable character sheet that can be printed or emailed.

Player Resources

Player resources for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2e, sorry Gaming Group Knight members only.


Pop-up d4 - d20 dice roller.


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